Just when you thought you’d checked everything off your design shopping list, we’re back with more necessities. To exponentially boost your productivity, consider the following list of another five must-haves for up-and-coming designers. If you missed our first list you can find it here.


  • Resource sites

Creative blocks are real. A fun way to counter stagnation is to browse resource sites and view material created by others. Seeing fresh content can help reinvigorate your own creativity and kickstart your next breakthrough. Of course, be careful to not let your inspiration turn into plagiarism.  

-AS prefered for Inspiration, Portfolio, & Collecting


  • Management apps

Design has become much simpler in the 21st century thanks to the advent of management apps. Through these apps, nearly every aspect has become streamlined into easily manageable processes, including accounting, project management, and time tracking. At long last, the days of relying on sticky notes and carrier pigeons to make progress are long gone!

-AS prefered Accounting/Invoicing, Project Management, & Time Tracking


  • Music

The always anonymous “they” say that one of the best ways to reduce stress and get out of creativity blocks is to find outlets to help motivate you. We agree, and what better boost is there than music? The right tunes help us run away to our happy place, kickstart our creativity, and perhaps most importantly, keep our sanity in check.

-AS prefered Music


  • A good phone

As cool as flip phones are (were?), that sort of technology simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, the industry standard digital sidekick is a cutting edge smartphone with at least 6 gb of monthly data. Phones that operate on the newest iOS and Android operating systems provide designers the convenience of working on the go.

-AS prefered iOS & Android


  • Join a community

Once every other item on this list has been checked off, the final piece to the puzzle is to join a supportive community. Not only can you bounce ideas off your peers, but communities of these sorts are excellent sources of inspiration, unveiling new methods and strategies. The more diverse your input, the greater the potential for your output.

-AS prefered online communities for Art & Design


After checking off every item on this list you are ready to rock-and-roll with reckless abandon. (Just kidding. You should definitely proceed with calculated abandon. Trust us on this.)


Have questions, comments, or ideas? Let us know in the comment section below or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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Writing: Alex Reich

Content: Torrey Lubiens

Photo Credit: Thomas Litangen



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