Too often we see this being made into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Many early designers have school loans to pay off or other expenses and as a result are hoping to land a lucrative design job right away that would make even Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Monopoly mascot, turn green with envy. Au contraire my friend! Let’s face it, you won’t be raking in the dough right off the bat, but that’s not really why you’ve entered this industry, is it?

As much fun as it would be to equate your services to owning Park Place and Boardwalk, prompting clients to shell out bags of money for your work, that’s not how it will be right away. You should be entering any job because you love it, not for the money. Granted, nobody wants to work for free, but the order of priorities is important to be mindful of in any case. While there are those who do seek fortune over passion, perhaps even a few find it, this is a niche approach and not one we encourage pursuing.

Prioritizing funds in your creative endeavor is a slippery slope to tread. Compromising your work to fit into whatever job provides the most income is internally wrong and unsatisfying. You consequentially lose touch with your original desires and begin moving further and further away from your dreams and aspirations. It’s important to recognize that money is a tool to help you continue doing what you love; not the other way around.

Design exists in a variety of industries and exploring them is an often overlooked method of finding additional sources of income to help fuel your drive. Interior design, material design, and game design are all examples that are a stone’s throw away that you may benefit from expanding your horizons. Ultimately, if the word “design” exists in the title, it’s an occupation worth considering. Who knows, as you branch out into new jobs you may even find your next passion.

Design is born from blending a labor of love and a desire to help others. For us, anything otherwise is criminal. With enough time and experience, you will notice the quality and quantity of your clients will improve, in turn growing your income, boosting your career even further. In the end, design positions are actually very lucrative fields to pursue. Your design expertise is incredibly valuable and clients are willing to hand over big bucks to acquire your services.


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Content By: Torrey Lubiens

Written By: Alex Reich



Torrey Lubiens

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