Young designers tend to close themselves off from others so that they can operate within their own temple. However, this prevents them from collaborating with and bouncing ideas off of their peers. In design, if you hope to improve you must be open to receiving criticism and, at times, compromising your work. These collaborations invite as many perspectives as possible within a given project, which is a grand foundation for crafting meritorious work. Riding solo can lead to stagnation which can result in you becoming stuck in your own ways.

Strictly sticking to the one lane of operation can lead to close-mindedness, where you believe that your methods are flawless and your work is perfect. Having such a mindset inhibits skill development by not allowing necessary criticism into your life. Being willing to trust the advice of others in a supportive community setting will advance your career by opening you up to ideas that you alone could not have possibly considered.

The flip side of the coin is also something you want to be considerate of while working with others. Working with peers not only opens your mind to other ideas, but it also provides a litmus test for the quality of your work. Working alone doesn’t allow any sort of comparison with others to gauge the caliber of work you produce. This can allow doubt to creep into the minds of independent designers, who are unsure of how their designs stack up to the competition. Being involved in a group allows projects to be shared and discussed, with confidence being built as a result.

However, consulting others can become a slippery slope. By leaning too heavily on the influence of a community you can rob yourself of any individuality. While it’s helpful to receive criticism and pick the brains of others, it’s important to not lose yourself in the process. Remain confident in who you are and use your strengths to continue blazing your own unique trail.

Despite what your mother says, you won’t be right all the time and many times the most beneficial thing for your career is for someone to tell you that you’re wrong, or not quite right. Practicing humility and learning to operate in a community is an integral part of growing your creative capabilities. Taking advantage of the various perspectives within a design community and embracing the opportunity for growth as a young creative will have you ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds.


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Content By: Torrey Lubiens

Written By: Alex Reich

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba



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